Sound is a lot more than what you hear. Its more than an accompaniment to video, and more than a medium for musical expression.  It is one of our most primal and important senses, yet far too often the importance of sound is overlooked. In today’s visually driven medias, priority is given to creating more realistic CGI events, and enhancing special effects. Even with  multimillion dollar visual effects budgets, very few things will pull an audience member out of suspended belief faster than poor audio. Countless times have I noticed lazy sound design, poor audio quality, and my personal peeve, generic canned sound effects. I cannot stress enough that I believe audio to be an integral component in creating a realistic, submersible environment. The sounds are as much alive as the characters creating them. They should be palpable, textural, and tell a story even without the visual component. – – – Æ

Josh graduated from Ex’pression Collage for Digital Arts in Emeryville with a degree in Sound Arts. He quickly transitioned to working at Faultline Studios, a full scale recording studio located in the SOMA district of San Francisco. While gaining valuable knowledge and skills in the studio, Josh worked on various projects ranging from studio maintenance, client services, audio editing, recording (music, spoken word, ADR, Foley), mixing (bands, short films), sound design (film, gaming), and special effects audio (film, smart phone apps.).

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